D.I.Y.D. = “Do It Yourself Desk”

A friend of mine gave me this old sewing desk to use for my “new” computer desk. This was after I got all the dead spiders and cobwebs out. ūüėČ

Took the metal hardware off and spray painted them silver.

And here’s the finished project! I absolutely love it. ^_^


Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore – A Response

I totally get what you’re saying. It was actually MTV that introduced me to you guys.

I grew up in a pretty religious household and wasn’t “allowed” to watch MTV. But one day, my parents weren’t home and i turned it on. The instant I did Breaking The Habit was starting on top 40. I just sat there with my mouth wide open in amazement- was love at first site. I set an alarm on my watch to stop whatever I was doing so I could turn MTV back on, JUST to watch BTH. By the end of the day I had memorized every lyric to that song and Linkin Park had gained another LP soldier. ūüėČ So, I really have MTV to thank for that. And even though they air some undesirable shows, I will always cherish the very first moment i ever heard you guys.

Matisyahu Concert: Oct. 23rd

This past Tuesday I was lucky enough to see Matisyahu live for the first time. Matis is a rapping, Reggae musician that I have been a fan of for a very long time. My mother surprised me with a whole bunch of cd’s for my birthday one year, and “Youth” was one of them. It was so refreshing to hear something that wasn’t the usual country, or praise and worship that I had become so used too. But eventually, bands like¬†My Chemical Romance, The Offsprings, and of course Linkin Park,¬†engulfed most of my time. I began to stray from Reggae, and instead ran to the arms of Alternative Punk Rock.

About 3 months ago I was at my sister’s house in Pensacola. We were just walking around talking with, I believe it was VH1, playing in the background when all of a sudden, I heard it. It was a familiar voice singing an¬†unfamiliar¬†song. The song was “Sunshine”. I found the tv that was emitting this beautiful song and was literally floored by what I saw. That was the first time I had seen Matis’, “new look”.¬†So cute!¬†After the song had¬†finished, I instantly went out and bought Spark Seeker. The track “Crossroads” is without a doubt my favorite, but the video for “Sunshine” makes me tear up. Overall, I love this album.¬†I think I fell so hard for this album because it was not only a symbol of change (for me), but also old times- my “youth”.

I seen Matis a couple hours before the concert. We were out walking around and I seen him sitting down on a set of stairs. He had his shirt off, was really sweaty and winded. (He had¬†clearly¬†just got done working out.) He looked straight at me when I had him, and I just instantly said “Hey, looking forward to tonight”. He just smiled at me, gave a little nod and I just kept walking. (Didn’t want to keep him.)

There was a photographer standing to my right during the concert. Her name is Destiny, and the above photo’s were taken by her. Be sure to check out ThePeir.org¬†for more of her photo’s.¬†(Is also a great site for fans to stay up to date on everything Reggae.) Go check it out!¬†~Shay

Matt And Kim Concert @ The Ritz Ybor

Last night my sister and I attended a Matt And Kim concert at The Ritz in Ybor City. I expected it to be a bit like a party, but damn was it so much more than that. I absolutely love these two, I’ve made mention of this in this blog post about how Kim is my 3rd¬†all time¬†favorite drummer. But hearing and watching her perform live was a real treat. Being right up front was a first for me, and I have found it to make a concert experience that much more amazing. There is¬†nothing¬†like being up close and having them constantly stare you in the face. ¬† I was very glad that I wore makeup and did my hair, or I would have been a bit embarrassed. But being that close is an¬†amazing¬†experience and I will never forget it. Definitely worth the wait and hassle that comes with trying to beat a crowd. I guess it really paid off but seemed to be almost unnecessary. If you got there when they opened the doors, then you were pretty much guaranteed a good spot. (One of the advantages of having a week-day show during the school year, I suppose.)My only complaints would directly pertain to the venue. They decided to wait until the last-minute to print out the guest lists for people who purchased tickets online. So we had to wait an extra 40 minutes, a problem that could have¬†easily¬†been avoided. Their will-call employees did not handle the situation as well as they could have, and were for lack of a better word, a bit dumb. Having the night started off on the wrong foot dampened our spirits a bit, but after a tall $10 shot of Patr√≥n¬†and a bit of luck, we still got right up front.

  If you know a bit about this fantastic band, you should know about how Kim goes into the audience and booty dances on top of everyone. When Matt picked out our side for her to dance over, she needed help up into the audience. So naturally, I held out my hand for her to grab to jump over us. She totally held my hand for like, 3 seconds. Oh my god I am fangirling so hard right now. *Cue high-pitched squeal*

I will never forget last night and highly suggest you give their music a listen. If you’re thinking about seeing these two in concert, do it! It’s a wild ass awesome party that has justifiably helped me deem this day as; the funnest day ever!¬†(Top 3 photo’s were taken by my sister Jena. Others are from The Ritz Ybor site) *Edit* I forgot to mention, when we came out of the venue some guy was playing the Addams Family Theme on his sax. Lol! ~Shay



Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother’s 58th birthday! She is such a great mom and deserves the world, but being unemployed for a year now has made it hard for me to spoil her here lately. So, we all came bearing gifts of food this year! Here’s some photo’s from the party today. Happy Birthday mom! We¬†all¬†love you! ^_^





I Am A Drummer.

So, it’s no secret that I am an aspiring drummer. I have been drumming for a year and three months now, so today I wanted to check out iMovie and post a, type of “progress” video. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t what it used to be. (I USED to be able to upload my video’s here, was much more convenient) But I just finished uploading it to my YouTube page… So here it is: me drumming to “Sunshine” by Matisyahu.¬†(Excuse the one mess-up in the beginning)


You can read some about my drumming here, along with my top three favorite drummers. It’s so much fun and I’ll try and post more/new video’s more frequently. ūüôā ~Shay

Songs I Am Loving At The Moment:

I am absolutely loving track four on this, overall amazing album titled, “Bright Black Heaven”. “Deconstructing Gods”– odd name but awesome track! It starts out with, what sounds like a Marimba, Vibraphone and maybe bells, then transitions into a type of 80’s influenced love¬†anthem. I am just a massive fan of the 80’s,¬†so that might be why I have fallen so hard for Bright Black Heaven. But when I listen to this particular track, I can’t help but imagine myself on a stage -singing to whomever will listen- like a fucking rock star! I highly¬†recommend¬†you go take a listen to this album in its entirety on Spotify. In fact, just go out and buy it. If you’re an 80’s fan, especially of maybe Depeche Mode, Cher or Duran Duran,¬†you will absolutely love this album. Davy Havok has a voice that may, perhaps be an “acquired¬†taste” but trust me,¬†your ears will want nothing less! ****


Matisyahu starts out his newest album “Spark Seeker”, with an¬†amazing¬†song titled,¬†“Crossroads”. This track is definitely¬†my favorite off of this¬†great, circle-disk-of-ear-candy. Not only is it an¬†epic way to start off the new album, but it’s a¬†fantastic¬†song to drum to! I really enjoy rocking out to it, and the next track “Sunshine” is equally drumable. I am super excited to see him live later this month, it will be my first time. I remember when my mother first bought¬†“Youth” for me years¬†ago. Was so nice hearing¬†new¬†music, refreshing music at that, and I still get that feeling with the release of Spark Seeker, here in 2012. I don’t listen to a whole lot of Reggae, but I could listen to Matis all day long! (That is for sure.) I really enjoyed this album, and hope you get a chance to check it out- atleast the 1st two tracks. ***


Overcoming Anxiety (Naturally)

Goal Outfit

Late last night I had a pretty bad anxiety attack. I won’t write down all the things as to why, just because it could happen again. So instead I¬†will just tell you what kind of conclusion I came too afterwards: I am going to get thin. Perhaps it will solve my current problems, maybe it won’t. Is worth a short because I don’t know if I can handle another night like last night…

Started the diet first thing this morning. Woke up extremely early (8:30am) and left the house before anyone woke up. I drove to a neighboring town that has a Walmart, and bought a cheap “goal-outfit”. (Size 7 “skinny jeans”. Adorable medium shirt. Can’t remember the last time I was a size 7…)¬†will be eating healthy, as well as less, and working out a lot. It’s going to be amazing WHEN I get there! Made a promise with my sister that I’d fit beautifully in that outfit by Summer, so she promised she’d cut her nicotine habits by then as well. The Adams Sisters are on their way to becoming healthy!

My sister has a lot of medical related problems but one of the positives from her body, is that she¬†possesses¬†a hyperactive thyroid. So she is nice and thin already or she would have just dieted with me as well. I wish I had a faster metabolism like her…Oh well, wish us luck! I know I am going to need it.


Top 3 Favorite Drummers:

3.) Kim Schifino

Matt & Kim are¬†hands down¬†the coolest two-member band to have ever existed. If you disagree, your argument is invalid. I had first heard of them when Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 announced that they would be touring with them. I didn’t know it at the time, but Kim booty dances (excellently by the way) at every performance, sometimes even in/on the crowd. So naturally, it wasn’t long before Mark got in on this and tweeted this hilarious video. God bless these two. I then started doing some research on this band and came across a music video for the song¬†“Cameras”.¬†This video not only had me freaking out, but laughing hysterically, and just questioning there sanity. This, like¬†all¬†of their music videos, are extremely awesome. Kim’s creative drumming beats, and¬†seemingly effortless way of just being awesome, is what makes her one of my all time favorite drummers.¬†Her and Matt make an epic pair, and I can’t wait to rock out with them next month down in Tampa! Can you tell that I’m excited for this concert? (Check out concerts that I will be attending this Fall at the very bottom of this blog)

Top 4 Fav. Songs: (Camera’s, Good For Great, Daylight, Block After Block)

2.) Rob Bourdon

Everything changed for me when I seen Rob, and the rest of Linkin Park,¬†perform live in January of last year.¬†Nothing can describe the feeling you get from seeing your¬†all time¬†favorite band perform live for the first time, but it’s extremely inspiring. So much so (for me) that I remember wanting to be just like them. It was like something turned on inside of me that day, like I finally¬†knew what I was sent here to do. So, from that point on, I worked harder on finding a job and making enough money to buy my very own drum set. Shortly after purchasing a cheap beginners set (to see if I could even play) I realized that I could actually do so! So, I started saving for an even better one and just six months later, I felt confident enough in my drumming to spend $800 on my amazing six piece, Imperial Star, TAMA set. I practice on it nearly every day, and I feel like I have Linkin Park to thank for that. I will never forget the night I seen my 6 hero’s perform live (best night of my life), but Linkin Park never disappoint- whether it’s studio albums, music videos, their¬†philanthropic¬†work, or performing live, picking them as my all time favorite band was never a hard decision.

Top 4 Fav. Songs: (Pushing Me Away, Lost In The Echo, Breaking The Habit, No More Sorrow)

1.) Phil Collins

Between Phil Collins’ solo work, music made with the band Genesis, and his scoring in various films, it’s no question as to why Rolling Stone has put him near the top of their,¬†“100 Greatest Drummer’s of All Time”¬†list. Just the score alone for the film “Tarzan”¬†could be enough to deem him as one of the greats. Phil is truly amazing, but what sets him apart from most drummers, is his voice. “Beautiful” would be a great word to describe his other-worldly vocal talent. I don’t know of many singers who can drum and sing as well as he can. So, even though Rob could very easily be my absolute favorite, I just have to give the number one spot to Mr. Collins. My top 4 favorite songs by him would have to be: I Don’t Care Anymore, Son Of Man, In The Air Tonight, and Against All Odds. “You’ll Be In My Heart” is another truly amazing song from the film Tarzan. I strongly suggest you not only check out Phil’s discography, but Rob and Kim’s as well. These three are truly amazing musicians, and you won’t regret purchasing their music. Linkin Park have released their 5th studio album entitled “Living Things”, and Matt And Kim’s newest album “Lightening” will be released in just five days! So, go make some purchases and thank me later!