She’s just so kissable!



We voted for the first time yesterday!


My friends describe me as being an, “extremely, photogenic Pug with impeccable taste.” And, I couldn’t agree more! Hi, my name is Tally. I am quite unique, you see, not all Pugs are bloggers. But I am quite the avid one. I also know how to work a Canon that my girl Shay has. She really enjoy’s taking photo’s of me, calls me her “model”. But I like to take photo’s of her from time to time. Most of my posts will consist of  photography, usually of me and Shay, but also of my roommate- Twinkie. She’s a Pomeranian, and my absolute best friend. I love her!   ~Tally


Hello, my name is Shay. I am a 21-year-old, unemployed music enthusiast. I enjoy drumming, writing and spending time with my beloved Pug, Tally. (She payed me to say that.) Despite being unemployed for nearly eight months, I have somehow managed to purchase nice things, including this MacBook Pro I am blogging from this very second. (Insert apology for, “not-so-humble brag” here.) Contrary to popular belief, I actually buy most of my music. I like to support musicians, not blatantly steal from them and insult their hard work… Sorry, it’s just something that I am really passionate about. Hard to beat the feel of a brand new physical album- I absolutely love it. So, you can expect to see some album reviews. I have two concerts on the agenda for this Fall as well. Looking forward to those, so stay tuned!   ~Shay