Matt And Kim Concert @ The Ritz Ybor

Last night my sister and I attended a Matt And Kim concert at The Ritz in Ybor City. I expected it to be a bit like a party, but damn was it so much more than that. I absolutely love these two, I’ve made mention of this in this blog post about how Kim is my 3rd all time favorite drummer. But hearing and watching her perform live was a real treat. Being right up front was a first for me, and I have found it to make a concert experience that much more amazing. There is nothing like being up close and having them constantly stare you in the face.   I was very glad that I wore makeup and did my hair, or I would have been a bit embarrassed. But being that close is an amazing experience and I will never forget it. Definitely worth the wait and hassle that comes with trying to beat a crowd. I guess it really paid off but seemed to be almost unnecessary. If you got there when they opened the doors, then you were pretty much guaranteed a good spot. (One of the advantages of having a week-day show during the school year, I suppose.)My only complaints would directly pertain to the venue. They decided to wait until the last-minute to print out the guest lists for people who purchased tickets online. So we had to wait an extra 40 minutes, a problem that could have easily been avoided. Their will-call employees did not handle the situation as well as they could have, and were for lack of a better word, a bit dumb. Having the night started off on the wrong foot dampened our spirits a bit, but after a tall $10 shot of Patrón and a bit of luck, we still got right up front.

  If you know a bit about this fantastic band, you should know about how Kim goes into the audience and booty dances on top of everyone. When Matt picked out our side for her to dance over, she needed help up into the audience. So naturally, I held out my hand for her to grab to jump over us. She totally held my hand for like, 3 seconds. Oh my god I am fangirling so hard right now. *Cue high-pitched squeal*

I will never forget last night and highly suggest you give their music a listen. If you’re thinking about seeing these two in concert, do it! It’s a wild ass awesome party that has justifiably helped me deem this day as; the funnest day ever! (Top 3 photo’s were taken by my sister Jena. Others are from The Ritz Ybor site) *Edit* I forgot to mention, when we came out of the venue some guy was playing the Addams Family Theme on his sax. Lol! ~Shay




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