Songs I Am Loving At The Moment:

I am absolutely loving track four on this, overall amazing album titled, “Bright Black Heaven”. “Deconstructing Gods”– odd name but awesome track! It starts out with, what sounds like a Marimba, Vibraphone and maybe bells, then transitions into a type of 80’s influenced love anthem. I am just a massive fan of the 80’s, so that might be why I have fallen so hard for Bright Black Heaven. But when I listen to this particular track, I can’t help but imagine myself on a stage -singing to whomever will listen- like a fucking rock star! I highly recommend you go take a listen to this album in its entirety on Spotify. In fact, just go out and buy it. If you’re an 80’s fan, especially of maybe Depeche Mode, Cher or Duran Duran, you will absolutely love this album. Davy Havok has a voice that may, perhaps be an “acquired taste” but trust me, your ears will want nothing less! ****


Matisyahu starts out his newest album “Spark Seeker”, with an amazing song titled, “Crossroads”. This track is definitely my favorite off of this great, circle-disk-of-ear-candy. Not only is it an epic way to start off the new album, but it’s a fantastic song to drum to! I really enjoy rocking out to it, and the next track “Sunshine” is equally drumable. I am super excited to see him live later this month, it will be my first time. I remember when my mother first bought “Youth” for me years ago. Was so nice hearing new music, refreshing music at that, and I still get that feeling with the release of Spark Seeker, here in 2012. I don’t listen to a whole lot of Reggae, but I could listen to Matis all day long! (That is for sure.) I really enjoyed this album, and hope you get a chance to check it out- atleast the 1st two tracks. ***



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