A Zombie-Survival Story (Floridian Edition)

After the “Zombie-relevant” attack in Miami earlier this year, I decided to purchase an informative book on the subject; “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks. (Amazing book) My main intention was to become better prepared for a potential, dare I say “Zombie Apocalypse.” But after the book arrived, I found myself incapable of putting it down. I finished it early the next morning, after I was unable to fall asleep for obvious reasons. So, after two days of no sleep, I began to think about what I’d do if there was a massive outbreak.

“Zombies” By Eyemelt. Click For Link To DeviantArt Page.

“What do I do?”, “Where should I go?”, “What will happen?” I found this to not only be a tiny bit stressful, but some great stimulation for my brain! I became really inspired and started to imagine some crazy scenario’s (like I always do). But now, I believe I have come up with a full blown survival story. I just started writing my fictional, Zombie-survival story and I’m very excited about it. Here’s an excerpt: (Keep in mind, this is a rough draft mid-way in the story. Some of these words are notes to myself as well.)

Stomach growls, the sun beats down, and I can sense a fierce case of dementia navigating it’s way into my brain. (Seriously, find some better words…) Off in the distance I can spot, what appears to be, a zombie stumbling? (Perhaps someone had shot it’s legs in an attempt to escape.) At this point, I’m not even sure if it’s real or not…Still, I decided to crouch down on one knee, pull my gun around to firing position and take a look through the scope… The zombie was indeed stumbling, but not because it was missing a foot or leg. “….BAHAHAHA!” (Laughter completely consumed me) My funny bone didn’t stand a chance, I couldn’t hold it in! You could probably hear my laughter from miles, but I didn’t care. I laughed so hard that I fell over, crying from the hilarity. This zombie had it’s feet in a pair of roller blades! It couldn’t roll more than a foot without falling hard on it’s fatuous self. And each time he would let out a loud, comical “OAF” mixed with a moan. In the time I was having this, “mental release” it had to of gotten up (only to tumble to the ground again) at least six times. Then, a tiny bit of panic settled in when I realized how long I had had my guard down. But to my luck and surprise, no other zombies were coming. Once I regained my composure, whipped away the tears and got up, I started for the zombie, chuckling to myself. Shortly after I welcomed  an overwhelming sense of happiness that made me feel like I could take on the world. “Hahaha… Here, let me help you with that.” “Mmeeerr?” (Gun shot fired) ”….Oh, sweet! They’re my size!” (Then start next paragraph/chapter with: “I was rolling down the road…” (or something like that). ~Shay


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