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Top 3 Favorite Drummers:

3.) Kim Schifino

Matt & Kim are hands down the coolest two-member band to have ever existed. If you disagree, your argument is invalid. I had first heard of them when Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 announced that they would be touring with them. I didn’t know it at the time, but Kim booty dances (excellently by the way) at every performance, sometimes even in/on the crowd. So naturally, it wasn’t long before Mark got in on this and tweeted this hilarious video. God bless these two. I then started doing some research on this band and came across a music video for the song “Cameras”. This video not only had me freaking out, but laughing hysterically, and just questioning there sanity. This, like all of their music videos, are extremely awesome. Kim’s creative drumming beats, and seemingly effortless way of just being awesome, is what makes her one of my all time favorite drummers. Her and Matt make an epic pair, and I can’t wait to rock out with them next month down in Tampa! Can you tell that I’m excited for this concert? (Check out concerts that I will be attending this Fall at the very bottom of this blog)

Top 4 Fav. Songs: (Camera’s, Good For Great, Daylight, Block After Block)

2.) Rob Bourdon

Everything changed for me when I seen Rob, and the rest of Linkin Park, perform live in January of last year. Nothing can describe the feeling you get from seeing your all time favorite band perform live for the first time, but it’s extremely inspiring. So much so (for me) that I remember wanting to be just like them. It was like something turned on inside of me that day, like I finally knew what I was sent here to do. So, from that point on, I worked harder on finding a job and making enough money to buy my very own drum set. Shortly after purchasing a cheap beginners set (to see if I could even play) I realized that I could actually do so! So, I started saving for an even better one and just six months later, I felt confident enough in my drumming to spend $800 on my amazing six piece, Imperial Star, TAMA set. I practice on it nearly every day, and I feel like I have Linkin Park to thank for that. I will never forget the night I seen my 6 hero’s perform live (best night of my life), but Linkin Park never disappoint- whether it’s studio albums, music videos, their philanthropic work, or performing live, picking them as my all time favorite band was never a hard decision.

Top 4 Fav. Songs: (Pushing Me Away, Lost In The Echo, Breaking The Habit, No More Sorrow)

1.) Phil Collins

Between Phil Collins’ solo work, music made with the band Genesis, and his scoring in various films, it’s no question as to why Rolling Stone has put him near the top of their, “100 Greatest Drummer’s of All Time” list. Just the score alone for the film “Tarzan” could be enough to deem him as one of the greats. Phil is truly amazing, but what sets him apart from most drummers, is his voice. “Beautiful” would be a great word to describe his other-worldly vocal talent. I don’t know of many singers who can drum and sing as well as he can. So, even though Rob could very easily be my absolute favorite, I just have to give the number one spot to Mr. Collins. My top 4 favorite songs by him would have to be: I Don’t Care Anymore, Son Of Man, In The Air Tonight, and Against All Odds. “You’ll Be In My Heart” is another truly amazing song from the film Tarzan. I strongly suggest you not only check out Phil’s discography, but Rob and Kim’s as well. These three are truly amazing musicians, and you won’t regret purchasing their music. Linkin Park have released their 5th studio album entitled “Living Things”, and Matt And Kim’s newest album “Lightening” will be released in just five days! So, go make some purchases and thank me later!


A Zombie-Survival Story (Floridian Edition)

After the “Zombie-relevant” attack in Miami earlier this year, I decided to purchase an informative book on the subject; “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks. (Amazing book) My main intention was to become better prepared for a potential, dare I say “Zombie Apocalypse.” But after the book arrived, I found myself incapable of putting it down. I finished it early the next morning, after I was unable to fall asleep for obvious reasons. So, after two days of no sleep, I began to think about what I’d do if there was a massive outbreak.

“Zombies” By Eyemelt. Click For Link To DeviantArt Page.

“What do I do?”, “Where should I go?”, “What will happen?” I found this to not only be a tiny bit stressful, but some great stimulation for my brain! I became really inspired and started to imagine some crazy scenario’s (like I always do). But now, I believe I have come up with a full blown survival story. I just started writing my fictional, Zombie-survival story and I’m very excited about it. Here’s an excerpt: (Keep in mind, this is a rough draft mid-way in the story. Some of these words are notes to myself as well.)

Stomach growls, the sun beats down, and I can sense a fierce case of dementia navigating it’s way into my brain. (Seriously, find some better words…) Off in the distance I can spot, what appears to be, a zombie stumbling? (Perhaps someone had shot it’s legs in an attempt to escape.) At this point, I’m not even sure if it’s real or not…Still, I decided to crouch down on one knee, pull my gun around to firing position and take a look through the scope… The zombie was indeed stumbling, but not because it was missing a foot or leg. “….BAHAHAHA!” (Laughter completely consumed me) My funny bone didn’t stand a chance, I couldn’t hold it in! You could probably hear my laughter from miles, but I didn’t care. I laughed so hard that I fell over, crying from the hilarity. This zombie had it’s feet in a pair of roller blades! It couldn’t roll more than a foot without falling hard on it’s fatuous self. And each time he would let out a loud, comical “OAF” mixed with a moan. In the time I was having this, “mental release” it had to of gotten up (only to tumble to the ground again) at least six times. Then, a tiny bit of panic settled in when I realized how long I had had my guard down. But to my luck and surprise, no other zombies were coming. Once I regained my composure, whipped away the tears and got up, I started for the zombie, chuckling to myself. Shortly after I welcomed  an overwhelming sense of happiness that made me feel like I could take on the world. “Hahaha… Here, let me help you with that.” “Mmeeerr?” (Gun shot fired) ”….Oh, sweet! They’re my size!” (Then start next paragraph/chapter with: “I was rolling down the road…” (or something like that). ~Shay

No Cure For Stupid

People have always said that Politics can be a sensitive subject. I never really cared about politics before, but this will be the first year that I can vote. (Just missed it last time by a hand-full of months.) Never had I imagined that I’d become one of those people who get genuinely offended by people who are incompetent. What does being incompetent have to do with voting? I’ll tell you; the way people are going about making their decision. These people (Facebook “friends”) are not doing enough research before coming to this, very important decision!

Mitt “Robme”

“Oh, he’s probably going to be better than what we have now.”, “He’s rich so he’s obviously good with money.”, “Obama hasn’t helped the unemployment rate.” NO, NO, And YES HE HAS!

I could go on and on about the good Obama has done, but most of it won’t appeal to the gay-bashing, bible-throwers that inhabit 80% of the entire tri-county area. And I could go on and on about what’s wrong with our country right now. Anyone who actually does do their research knows that things aren’t great, but it could have been worse.

And my opinion of Romney is that he is just a robot. A robot ran by a handful of rich Republicans. (Here’s a video of him reporting back to them.) Anyone voting for him who isn’t completely incompetent, (especially after the release of that video) won’t be voting for him in particular, but mainly for his party. Which is fucking terrifying! (They would seriously rather have a complete douche bag run the country, as long as he is a republican, than someone who is kind and has all of our interests at heart.) They have molded Mitt into the politician they want him to be. And don’t think for one second that he is rich because of “hard work” and “perseverance”. Everything was handed to him from his daddy, just like me. Would be like if I was nominated to run for mayor, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not a mechanical object that gets in way over his head, and is controlled via a detachable ATM.   ~Shay

*Edit* – Mitt Romney’s latest “herp-derp” moment. (Seriously though, do you really want this guy to run our country?)


My friends describe me as being an, “extremely, photogenic Pug with impeccable taste.” And, I couldn’t agree more! Hi, my name is Tally. I am quite unique, you see, not all Pugs are bloggers. But I am quite the avid one. I also know how to work a Canon that my girl Shay has. She really enjoy’s taking photo’s of me, calls me her “model”. But I like to take photo’s of her from time to time. Most of my posts will consist of  photography, usually of me and Shay, but also of my roommate- Twinkie. She’s a Pomeranian, and my absolute best friend. I love her!   ~Tally


Hello, my name is Shay. I am a 21-year-old, unemployed music enthusiast. I enjoy drumming, writing and spending time with my beloved Pug, Tally. (She payed me to say that.) Despite being unemployed for nearly eight months, I have somehow managed to purchase nice things, including this MacBook Pro I am blogging from this very second. (Insert apology for, “not-so-humble brag” here.) Contrary to popular belief, I actually buy most of my music. I like to support musicians, not blatantly steal from them and insult their hard work… Sorry, it’s just something that I am really passionate about. Hard to beat the feel of a brand new physical album- I absolutely love it. So, you can expect to see some album reviews. I have two concerts on the agenda for this Fall as well. Looking forward to those, so stay tuned!   ~Shay