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I’ve been keeping a secret.

My secret is not something shocking, it’s not about music, and it’s not anything that would make an exciting gossip column.  And the people who are impacted by this secret–the people who benefit from what I’m about to tell you–may never really know how it happened, because they do not have internet, may not have electricity, and almost certainly have never heard of Linkin Park.

I have a childhood friend from California named Andrew, who works for a non-profit, doing things like getting medical supplies to refugees after natural disasters.  He had been going back and forth regularly between the US and Haiti.  A little over a year ago, during one of his stops at home, I had him over for dinner.  We talked about what was going on, and as he recounted the complex and troubling scenario he saw on his trips, he revealed…

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D.I.Y.D. = “Do It Yourself Desk”

A friend of mine gave me this old sewing desk to use for my “new” computer desk. This was after I got all the dead spiders and cobwebs out. 😉

Took the metal hardware off and spray painted them silver.

And here’s the finished project! I absolutely love it. ^_^

Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore – A Response

I totally get what you’re saying. It was actually MTV that introduced me to you guys.

I grew up in a pretty religious household and wasn’t “allowed” to watch MTV. But one day, my parents weren’t home and i turned it on. The instant I did Breaking The Habit was starting on top 40. I just sat there with my mouth wide open in amazement- was love at first site. I set an alarm on my watch to stop whatever I was doing so I could turn MTV back on, JUST to watch BTH. By the end of the day I had memorized every lyric to that song and Linkin Park had gained another LP soldier. 😉 So, I really have MTV to thank for that. And even though they air some undesirable shows, I will always cherish the very first moment i ever heard you guys.

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Some of you have been seeing and passing around the link for this video, which is called “Why doesn’t MTV play videos anymore?”  It’s pretty funny:

Super funny, right?  But…in case any of you were thinking of taking it too seriously (I see you on Twitter)…in all fairness, MTV didn’t really switch to reality TV format ONLY because people started file sharing.  A major factor was actually that playing videos didn’t allow them to get consistent ratings, since people kept switching stations.  Kids might watch a couple videos they liked, but if a video came on that they didn’t, they would switch the channel.  And then they might not come back, because most likely they changed the channel to a 30-minute program that they’d watch in entirety.  So MTV changed to a format that allowed them to get ratings (and make more money, plus entertain people with “shows about vapid…

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We voted for the first time yesterday!

Matisyahu Concert: Oct. 23rd

This past Tuesday I was lucky enough to see Matisyahu live for the first time. Matis is a rapping, Reggae musician that I have been a fan of for a very long time. My mother surprised me with a whole bunch of cd’s for my birthday one year, and “Youth” was one of them. It was so refreshing to hear something that wasn’t the usual country, or praise and worship that I had become so used too. But eventually, bands like My Chemical Romance, The Offsprings, and of course Linkin Park, engulfed most of my time. I began to stray from Reggae, and instead ran to the arms of Alternative Punk Rock.

About 3 months ago I was at my sister’s house in Pensacola. We were just walking around talking with, I believe it was VH1, playing in the background when all of a sudden, I heard it. It was a familiar voice singing an unfamiliar song. The song was “Sunshine”. I found the tv that was emitting this beautiful song and was literally floored by what I saw. That was the first time I had seen Matis’, “new look”. So cute! After the song had finished, I instantly went out and bought Spark Seeker. The track “Crossroads” is without a doubt my favorite, but the video for “Sunshine” makes me tear up. Overall, I love this album. I think I fell so hard for this album because it was not only a symbol of change (for me), but also old times- my “youth”.

I seen Matis a couple hours before the concert. We were out walking around and I seen him sitting down on a set of stairs. He had his shirt off, was really sweaty and winded. (He had clearly just got done working out.) He looked straight at me when I had him, and I just instantly said “Hey, looking forward to tonight”. He just smiled at me, gave a little nod and I just kept walking. (Didn’t want to keep him.)

There was a photographer standing to my right during the concert. Her name is Destiny, and the above photo’s were taken by her. Be sure to check out ThePeir.org for more of her photo’s. (Is also a great site for fans to stay up to date on everything Reggae.) Go check it out! ~Shay